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Terms of Engagement between Online & Primary Customer

Service to be provided by include:

a) Initial assessment of your travel needs and requirements

b) If we are able to source a vehicle and driver for you, we shall make the booking and arrange for collection point and time & drop off point and time. is a specialist broker service provider that helps in finding you the perfect vehicle for your travel needs. We do not have any extra hidden charges; you only pay for what you have been quoted for. In some instances, you may pay a partial invoice amount upfront and the remainder amount to the driver or you can pay the full amount before your travel date. Our payment is due in advance before your travel date and if this is not paid within 21 days prior to your travel date, your booking shall NOT be confirmed.

• The following terms are for also referred to as OMBH and its associates.
• The Customer name that appears on our booking form, shall, for the purpose of this agreement, be deemed to be the customer placing the booking on behalf of himself/herself or the entire party who shall be travelling in the minibus/coach/hired vehicle and that he/she assumes the complete entire responsibility on behalf of his/her group, including all fees and any cancellations due to OMBH. If the booking is placed on behalf of a company and a company name is provided, the full responsibility lies with the company.

1. OMBH acts and operates as a broker and has a large pool of private drivers with a range of cars, minibuses and coaches. The vehicles provided for transport range from differing models and ages. In some instances, the vehicle that was originally allocated for your reservation may not be available and therefore an alternative shall be provided. If OMBH is unable to fulfill the reservation, the company shall offer a complete refund to the customer and no further liability shall apply or any form of compensation or claim be pursued against OMBH or the driver that was brokered to provide the service. OMBH shall do its best to ensure alternative transportation is provided to prevent least disruption to your plans.
2. In the unfortunate situation should the vehicle become in need of a cleanse due to travel sickness or untidy use then the customer shall agree to pay £75 cleaning charge, payable to the driver.
3. On occasions there may be delays due to traffic or unforeseen circumstances that are simply out of our control. We will always try to pick up and drop you off to your location in the desired time. If your driver and the vehicle is delayed for reasons such as breakdown or accidents, we shall try our utmost best to provide a replacement driver/vehicle however we cannot be held liable or pursued should this happen.
4. There shall be additional charges should the customer request to keep the vehicle longer than originally ordered and quoted. These charges shall be set at the discretion of the driver and shall be fair to the customer. Payment shall be made instantly by cash or by debit card.
5. Once you have made your booking and deposit payment of 30%, this is a non-refundable payment. The remainder of the balance must be paid 21 days prior to travel date.
6. Our vehicles are a No Smoking No Illegal substance use Vehicle. If the driver learns of the use of such smoke and substance, this shall result in the termination of the hire immediately and £0 refund shall be provided.
7. Due to rules and regulations drivers are only permitted to allow a certain number of passengers travel in a vehicle. Under no circumstance is an additional passenger be allowed to travel that shall avoid insurance and most importantly become a hazard and threat to the safety of passengers travelling in the vehicle and other road users.
8. On occasions the driver may experience delays whilst on your journey. All drivers are experienced and shall look to use the route most best suited but which may not always be the quickest or shortest.
9. OMBH cannot be held liable or responsible for any loss of personal belongings and loss of luggage. We advise should you happen to lose or forget any of your belongings, do inform the driver.
10. In the unfortunate situation should the vehicle suffer and vandalism or damage by the customer or any of the parties under care of the customer, a charge shall be invoiced, and payment requested immediately to repair the damage.
11. The vehicles operate on a strict no Alcohol consumption policy on board the vehicles.
12. Any amendments that are required to a Booking must be done so in advance at least 72 hours prior to travel date. This must be confirmed in writing that your request has been acknowledged and approved.
13. If you cancel or would like to terminate your hire, a minimum of 14 days notice must be provided prior to your travel date. If this is not done, a cancellation fee of 50% shall apply. Any Bookings cancelled in less than 48 hours notice, shall be charged in full. OMBH shall provide 48 hours notice should a vehicle and driver not be available.
14. It is the duty and responsibility of the customer to ensure that whilst you are travelling in the hire vehicle, a seat belt is worn at all times. Every member of their party adheres to seatbelt legislation and the signs on display in our vehicles. Legislation dictates that all passengers over the age of 14 years must where a seatbelt when fitted. All customers in the vehicle must abide by the rules and regulations imposed whilst on the road.
15. If you do not receive your Drivers Name and Drivers Number before your Journey, please check your Junk/Spam Folder. We usually send Drivers name and number 24 hours prior to your journey. If you have not received your drivers contact details please get in touch. On some occasions, there may be a delay to provide you this information and this shall be provided a few hours prior to travel.
16. Please DO NOT pay the drivers any money if you are asked directly by them to do so. If you are asked to pay any money, please confirm this with our office immediately. If you are advised to pay the driver any sums of money, this shall be agreed in advance or you shall receive an email from our office. The driver should never ask you for additional money.
17. At times, your vehicle may not arrive at the desired time you have booked a journey for. Delays do happen and in some instances, you may have to wait between 15-45 minutes or more. You can track the whereabouts of your driver by calling the driver direct should your driver be delayed. If you choose to not wait, we will not issue a refund. We will not be held liable or responsible for any delays.

18. The Make and Model of the vehicle booked for you may differ from what was originally reserved. If a certain type of vehicle is not available for your journey, we may use 3rd party companies and even use Multi Vehicles (taxis) to fulfil your transportation needs. We shall not be held liable or responsible should your desired vehicle type not be available.

Checklist & Customer

1. I am aware that my deposit is non-refundable
2. I am aware that my choice of vehicle may not be met under certain circumstances and that an alternative vehicle shall be provided.
3. I am aware that OMBH shall charge a fee for for this service and shall be paid as part of the deposit
4. I am aware that there may be delays that are out of the control of the vehicle driver / OMBH
5. I have provided the correct information for pick up and drop off
6. I have provided the correct Itinerary and number of passengers and luggage
7. I am aware that in the case of should my booking request differ at a later stage, there may be additional charges
8. I am aware that there may be changes in pricing to what my original quote was due to conditions outside the control of OMBH

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