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Heathrow Airport

Heathrow airport celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2016. Ever since this airport has come into existence it just keeps getting better and adding more features. The total size of this airport is 1227 and there are 2 runways in total. Heathrow Airport serves 203 destinations in 84 countries. The most popular destinations that this airport ever serves are NEW YORK, DUBLIN, HONG KONG, and DUBLIN.

The number of passengers that have traveled through this airport in the year 2028 was 80.1 million. Heathrow airport holdings are the company that owns and run this marvelous airport. The cargo volume of this airport by the year 2018 was 1.70 million metric tons.

Heathrow Airport Arrivals

If you are arriving in the UK for a trip or this is your home you can book our minibus hire before arriving and we provide Heathrow airport arrivals for all purposes.  We are fast, reliable and your best choice to start your stay or trip in the UK. This city is the capital of England and there is so much to see and explore with our friendly and trained drivers that come with the bus or van you can make your trip 10x better.

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Heathrow airport departures

We provide our services for Heathrow airport departures as well. Book us beforehand so you don't miss your flight. You can book our cheap minibus hire to rent our minivan. We can provide services to any corner in the London and we have reasonable rates if you compare us in the market.

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Heathrow Airport Transfer | OMBH

Facilities in Heathrow Airport Transfer

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  • Free Wi-Fi at the Heathrow airport

You will get free of charge Wi-Fi at the airport at all times to stay connected with your friends and family. To choose this Wi-Fi you need to search it in the settings of your phone by typing _Heathrow Airport and just along with the instruction that you see online and it is as simple as this to connect and use during your stay.

Another amazing thing about Heathrow airport is that the Wi-Fi they provide is family-friendly and they will automatically filter out any inappropriate content to make it safe for your children to use.

  • Shops at the Heathrow airport

The shops they have at this airport include everything and every brand like BOOTS, BOSS, BULGARI, CHANEL, CASE, CARTIER, FENDI, GUCCI, HARRODS, HERMES, LOUIS VITTON, and JD SPORTS.

  • Restaurants at the Heathrow airport

This airport has a long list of places where you can eat and drink if you have time to catch your flight. The restaurants go from COSTA, GIRAFFE, GORDON RAMSEY PLANE FOOD, STARBUCKS, THE CROWN RIVERS, YO, and many more.

  • Smoking places at the airport

Heathrow airport tries its best to make the airport smoking free and make sure you smoke only in the designated places outside the terminal building. Please note once you are passed by the security you will not be able to smoke.

  • Finding power points

You can find free charging points in the airports before and after the security and it also has USB  cables. There are pay-as-you-go phones and rental phones also available at the airport to help you stay connected with your family or office.

  • Postal services at the airport

There are post offices located in each terminal of the building you can send and receive posts to anyone from here. If you want to buy stamps you can buy them in Smith at the terminal.

  • Cash dispensers at the airport

In the airport, you can find cash dispensers in each terminal after you are passed through security. This cash machine accepts every card of UK bank and other society cards as well.

  • Prayer rooms at the airport

This is a very good place where you can sit and relax from the hustle and bustle of the airport the quiet place where you can pray and meditate as well.

  • The meeting room at this airport

There are meetings available at this airport where you can arrange meetings no matter how big they are. If you left home early and you had a meeting to attend don't hesitate you can attend at the airport. Our meeting rooms can accommodate several people at once and it has all the facilities of the meeting rooms in your office.

  • Trolleys

You can get baggage trolleys at the airport free of charge and they are available at every terminal in the building.

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