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Green man festival

Green man festival

Green man festival is independent music, art, and culture festival that takes place in Glasnuk Park Estate, Crickhowell. It is an award-winning festival that takes place in the beautiful Welish greenery. This year the Green Man Festival will start on 18th August and it will end on 21st August. This week-long festival can fit 25,000 people at once which is huge.

This great festival is owned by Fiona Stewart who has been running for many years. And she has a massive team of 2000 employees to help her run this incredible festival and another 5000 workers give out themselves to the festival by volunteering.

This is a great festival for you if you want to come and enjoy the vibe of this place is very calm and relaxed. You can get a massage here to feel at ease before the festival starts or you can go into the hot tub when the sun is setting. There is no limit to the things that you can do here.

The green man appears as a symbol of rebirth which ties together the old pagan symbol that is associated with the Christain faith. The land and the location of this festival are magical. You will be able to find some of the great scenery here in the BRECON BEACONS NATIONAL PARK.

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Once this festival was only limited to folk music now there are many verities of music are showcased here and 1000’s visitors visit this place for an experience of a lifetime and this has become their favorite summer festival of everyone.

Green man festival event | OMBH

There are ten music venues at the GREEN MAN FESTIVAL each very unique in its capacity. The most famous is one is called MOUNTAIN’S FOOT where you can watch the headliners in front of the backdrop of the mountains and the other is called FAR OUT.

Though you can bring your food to this festival if you are planning to camp there are also many food options you can find here they are all the options from vegetarian to vegan. If you ask about drinking then you can find many independent Welish brewers that are showcased here every year. Don't forget to try Growler which is GREEN MANS OWN BEER.

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