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Festival of lights, Diwali on the Square 2023, promises to be unlike any other. As you prepare to immerse yourself in vivid colors, delectable Indian cuisine, traditional performances, and breathtaking light show, keep one thing in mind: how will you get there with your group? 

Fortunately, OMBH is here to make your trip to this exceptional event as easy and fun as possible. Whether you have group of 16, 24, or even 33 people, we have appropriate minibus hire for Diwali on the Square 2023 with driver in luxury and elegance.

Festival Exploration

Diwali in the Square is annual spectacular held in center of city with much zeal and passion. This festival draws thousands of attendees, both residents and foreigners, who join together to celebrate Indian culture's rich tapestry. 

This event provides sensory experience unlike any other, with traditional dance performances, scrumptious Indian cuisine, live music, and captivating display of lit decorations.

It is critical for people attending event with friends and family to have smooth and hassle-free transportation to and from site. This is when our minibus hiring services, comes in.


Fleet of Minibuses

We realize that groups vary in size, which is why they provide diverse fleet of minibuses and coaches to meet your unique requirements. Let's look through their options:

OMBH offers 16 seater bus for smaller, more intimate gatherings. This warm car is ideal for families, small groups of friends, or business teams wishing to bond during holidays. This includes comfortable seats, climate control, and plenty of storage room.

For bigger groups, our 24 seater minibus is good solution. This big car provides lots of legroom and comfortable seats, ensuring that all passengers have nice voyage. You won't be crammed during your visit to Diwali on the Square.

We provide 33 seater bus for big groups of friends, extended families, or corporate trips. These vehicles provide most comfort and room. Your party may rest and enjoy flight together with features such as reclining seats, entertainment systems, and onboard services.

Your Convenient Solution

One of our distinguishing characteristics is our dedication to client service and safety using 16 setaer minibus hire with driver. All of our minibuses and coaches are driven by skilled and courteous professionals who are committed to your comfort and safety during journey.

Our drivers are familiar with city's streets, ensuring smooth and fast trip to Diwali on the Square. They are more than simply drivers; they are your trusty road buddies.

Safety First

Safety comes first, and we take it very seriously. Our drivers are educated to emphasize safety at all times, from following traffic laws to keeping the cars in good condition.

With our minibus hiring with driver service, you can forget about hassles of navigating, parking, and traffic. Instead, as you approach Diwali on the Square, concentrate on making treasured memories with your group.


Global Celebration

Diwali in the Square is global celebration that is not restricted to single city or area. Similar festivities take place across world, from Trafalgar Square in London to Times Square in New York City. 

These occurrences demonstrate universality of Diwali and its ability to unite people in joy. So, choose us for your great event as you have checked our services.

Stress-Free Airport Transfers

Aside from ease and benefits of minibus hire airport transfers, it's worth mentioning that service may be especially useful during festive seasons like Diwali. 

This Hindu festival of lights, which is celebrated with passion and grandeur, frequently includes family reunions, and many people travel to be with their loved ones at this time. 


Make OMBH your preferred choice for minibus hiring with driver services as festive season approaches and Diwali on the Square 2023 approaches. Whether you need 16-seater minibus for small meeting, 24-seater minibus for bigger group, or roomy 33-seater bus for large gathering, we have solution for you. Our dedication to customer satisfaction, safety, and comfort guarantees that your trip to Diwali on the Square is as magical as holiday itself.

Don't let hassles of traveling overpower enchantment of Diwali on the Square. Book your minibus hire for Diwali on the Square 2023 with driver today and light up your way to this fantastic light festival. Allow us to be your dependable companion as you begin on this cultural adventure filled with joy, togetherness, and amazing moments. We are beginning of your Diwali celebration.

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