Most Probably Train Strike - 7th Or 14th June In 2023: How Can We Help You?

Most Probably Train Strike

Now and then, our daily tasks distract us from taking proper care in our transportation arrangements - here's an alert on an imminent train strike on 7th or 14th June 2023 to remind us!

Most often, we have multiple options for dealing with strikes; however, they may or may not be reliable for your purpose! we prioritize time and comfort during any journey, whether to school, tour, office, or elsewhere.

Let's dive in and discover the services we can offer should a train strike occur in 2023! What We Provide

What do We offer?

Since day one, our services have been available across the UK, from small companies with one employee to multi-national enterprises! We look forward to your business as part of the solution!

Here are our current fleets available in England! 

8 Seater Minibus Hire

Our 8 seater minibus hire service offers comfortable and convenient transport for individuals and small groups.

Whether it's for work, school, or sightseeing, our reliable and spacious 8 seater minibuses make for a smooth journey. Equipped with air conditioning and comfortable seating arrangements, they ensure an effortless travel experience.

12 Seater Minibus Hire

Our 12 seater minibus hire option is ideal for larger groups facing train strikes. Perfect for group outings, corporate events, and family celebrations alike - our spacious minibuses can easily fit everyone in your group and ensure stress-free travel for everyone involved!

16 Seater Minibus Hire

When larger groups require even more seating capacity, our 16 Seater Minibus hire service can meet their needs. 

Offering plenty of room, our minibuses allow everyone to travel comfortably while ensuring the trip runs smoothly - be it day trips or longer excursions - Our 16 seater minibuses are designed to meet them!

Just as effectively, our 24 minibus rental, 33 seater bus rental, and 49 seater bus hire options provide perfect transportation solutions!


Our Services: Navigating Train Strike Winning the Ride

OMBH understands the value of reliability and comfort during disruption, such as train strikes. Here's how our services can assist in helping to ensure a seamless journey: 

Convenience and Flexibility

Hiring a minibus with OMBH gives you the convenience and flexibility needed for travel according to your schedule.

Train strikes can lead to unpredictable delays and cancellations, but you have control of your transportation needs with our services. Our minibuses and coaches operate according to your timing preferences so that you arrive at your destination on time without worry.

Our Professional Drivers

At OMBH, we take great care in providing personalized service tailored to meet the needs of each of our passengers. Our drivers are professional and experienced to ensure a pleasant journey.

Experienced guides know their way around Leeds' roads and can offer invaluable insights and recommendations that make sightseeing even more enjoyable. We go the extra mile to ensure all of your travel requirements are fulfilled, providing a customized experience tailored to meet them.

Safety and Reliability

When train services are interrupted, safety becomes of utmost importance. At OMBH we prioritize this by conducting regular vehicle maintenance checks that adhere to rigorous safety standards.

Our drivers are trained professionals who take passenger safety seriously and adhere to all protocols for an enjoyable journey with OMBH. So you can rest easy knowing that traveling with us will be safe, reliable and stress-free!

Cost effective- Transportation

Contrary to popular opinion, cheap minibus hire with driver can often be more cost-effective than alternative modes of transportation during train strikes.

OMBH provides competitive pricing and transparent rates, making budget planning for travel easy. Choose a vehicle from our fleet that best meets the size and requirements of your group as we optimize both comfort and affordability in one convenient package - for stress-free travel!

Alternative Modes of Transport

Train strikes can cause untold anxiety when finding alternative modes of transport.

By choosing OMBH, you can reduce stress and enjoy an effortless travel experience. Our dedicated customer support team can assist with any queries or concerns and ensure you have all the information required for an enjoyable journey.


Minibus Hire Services

In addition to minibuses, we also provide coach hire services for larger groups. Our 24 seater minibuses, 33 seater buses, and 49 seater buses can easily accommodate various group sizes.

Our minibuses have modern amenities to ensure a pleasant ride for everyone on board.


Train strikes can cause significant disruptions, but with OMBH's comprehensive selection of minibus and coach hire services, you can manage these disruptions smoothly.

Contact us for your instant reservation at any time! OMBH is always ready to serve you!


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