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Stansted Airport

Currently, this airport is serving 18 million passengers per year and London Stansted Airport is considered London’s third busiest airport. Many leading low costs airlines have made this airport their base for many reasons. This airport was opened in 1943 during the second world war and it was used by Royal Air Force at that time.

It was used to serve as a bomber base and later it was used as a supply and storage area to support planes on the continent. It was also used as a maintenance unit and it was the house of German Prisoners of war. Since 2000 this airport is just continuing to grow and add more things for our comfort. The car parking services at the Stansted airport have improved this include long day car parking and mid-day car parking.

It is the main base of RyanAir and serves as a domestic and international destination and it has come a long way ever since the first plane landed here.

Stansted Airport Arrivals

We operate for Stansted airport transfers and our minibus hire services are available for Stansted airport arrivals. If you are arriving at this airport you will not have to wait and check the time because our minibus will be there for you waiting outside. Our drivers are fully professionals so they know the best route to take you home through fewer traffic areas in less time. Let's be honest after the hustle and bustle of airports and flights we want to get home after landing as soon as possible.

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Stansted Airport Departures

We provide minibus hire Stansted Airport Services if you book us some days before your flight time. Our drivers are very professional to take you quickly through the traffic and they make sure you catch your flight with enough time to board. They are highly skilled people who exercise safety rules and provide special assistance to handicapped passengers.

There is no harm in reaching the airport before time at least 3 hours before because there are plenty of things you can do at the airport like eating, relaxing and shopping so you won't be bored at all. There is an escape lounge at the airport which is located in the main departure lounge of the airport. Go through duty-free and security area is located between coast to coast and Pret a Manger.

We have a long list of the fleet from small 8 seaters minibus to 9 seaters minibus to 12 seater minibus, 15 seater minibus, and 16 seater minibus.

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Stansted Airport | OMBH

Facilities in Stansted Airport Transfer

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  • Shopping services at the airport

Shopping is more convenient at the airport with a reserve and collection option. This airport also has a shop now and collect on return option the airport in which you can shop for your favorite brands now and collect them from the airport upon your return. The store team will process your shopping like normal shopping and when you return home collect it from the excess baggage point at the airport.

  • Faith and Worship

The prayer room is a quiet place from the hustle and bustle of the airport where you can sit, relax and reflect on your own. There is another prayer room located opposite check-in one A. both these rooms are available for prayer all time no matter what your faith is.

  • WIFI

In 24 hour period, you can surf for free complimentary wifi at the airport use it no matter how many devices you want to use it your laptops, tablets or phone, etc. This wifi is available in the terminal and the lounge and the speed of this internet is 10x faster than your normal internet.

  • Meeting rooms at the airport

The Novotel Stansted airport hotel is located inside the airport perimeter it has 8 meeting and conference rooms and it can handle from two to 250 people at once in these rooms. So next time you have a meeting don't worry because you can easily attend it at the airport. There is also a business center open from Monday to Friday.

  • Smoking in the terminal

The airport authorities allow you not to smoke in the building that is why they have created separate smoking areas in the airport. There are many designated areas outside the terminal building, not just cigarette but E-cigarette is also not allowed in the airport.

  • VAT refunds

In the UK on most things that you buy, you will pay VALUE ADDED TAX this allows you to get the VAT refund when you leave the EU.

  • Information desk

This desk is located in the international arrivals area at the airport. It is open all day 24/7 and you can get all the general information here like flight information, other airport information, and paging calls. Not just that this desk also provides you with other facilities like photocopying etc and this desk helps us to get tourist information, what is the transport option and also helps you with the tourist attractions in the city. There is another information desk in the departures lounge of the airport.

  • Free drinking water

We have a free drinking water facility and reusable drinking water fountains in the airport for all passengers. You can find the free drink water station in the following area;

  • International baggage reclaim
  • In the areas of Gate 1-19 and 40-59
  • Passport control
  • International departures lounge
  • International arrivals hall which is also adjacent to Burger King.

All this and there are so many other features and facilities at the airport and it just keeps getting better.

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