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Birthday Party

A birthday party is an important event in anyone's life. When you are planning out so many things and at the same time wanted to make them unique it is quite a lot. Here we are the minibus hire for birthday parties providing solutions to all of your problems

We have a complete range of vehicles for birthday parties of all shapes and sizes. You will get into party mode with our vehicles and with all equipped fleets we make sure that you and your guests get to our destination having the best time of their lives.

What are the many features you have in your vehicles?

Our vehicles are equipped and we have all the latest features in them like DVD, big legroom, comfortable seating, wifi, power points to charge, reclining seats, GPS and entertainment, and gaming system and so much more. It is as if the party has started before you even reach there.

Our drivers

The drivers that work for us to hire a minibus for birthday parties are very professional and they have a vast knowledge of where they are taking you. They are local belonging to the area where you are using their services from. You can book them from any area you are living in like you can book a minibus hire in Leicester, minibus hire in Birmingham, or mini bus hire in London. They make sure you enjoy the destination in time and are in the mood to enjoy the festivities. They are very fun and friendly people who can make your trip more enjoyable. They become great tour guides as well as they are well aware of all the places.

Our drivers are very flexible and we also provide you with snacks and refreshments during the day if the trip is very long. Our customers can also watch movies during the travel and enjoy themselves with their friends.

Cost of traveling with us

We provide cheap vehicles if you compare with anyone else in the market and if you ever feel like we are charging you more then we are ready to negotiate. But remember you cannot find any other first-class vehicles at this price point in the UK.

Safe travels

Your life and security are our priority and we can never compromise on that.  The vehicles we have for minibus hire for a birthday party are checked and inspected regularly to avoid any accident or anything bad on the road. We are also human and we understand there may be some faults so in case of any mishaps we usually have other vehicles ready to use.

What are the different types of vehicles we have?

If you ask us about the list of the vehicles we own then it is very long. We start from the small size vehicle which is the 8 seater minibus hire, 12  seater minibus hire, 16 seater minibus hire, 24 seater minibus hire, 33 seater bus hire, 49 seater bus hire. 

Our services run all year all week and all days so there is no off day for us.  We have found that this is the preferred way to travel for you and your family to help you through this tough time.

Time management

You can make the rest of the plans while you are traveling with us.  Hiring us for your birthday party is going to save you a lot of time. Discuss any schedule with your friends and make all the changes that are required.

Booking with us is easy

When you go to our website you will find easy options our interface is simple and understandable by all. You can select the vehicle you want for your birthday party and decorate it however you want.

Booking usually takes 2 or 3 simple steps and instantly within minutes you will be able to get a quote from us which will be custom-made.  After that, you can decide which vehicle you want to have for your party.

Book us with enough days before the actual date to avoid any mishap. You will get the driver's information a day before so that you can chat with him easily and talk to him if you have a question in your mind.

Furthermore, our customer service is open and active to talk to all day. They will respond to you instantly if you have a question in your mind. They feel pride in serving you 24/7.

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