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Welcome to OMBH, your reliable source for minibus hire in London. Whether you're heading to the office or going on a trip with family, friends or colleagues, we've got you covered. Our minibus hire service in London with a driver is exceptional, and we operate across England.

Benefits of Hiring Minibus in London

With our instant booking service, you can easily hire a minibus or coach in London, making your journey more comfortable and convenient. Our fares are reasonable and competitive compared to others, and we prioritize your safety and satisfaction above all.

Types of Minibus & Coach Available for Hire in London

We provide a range of vehicles to choose from, including 8 to 24 seater minibus and 33 to 49 seater coach. Our fleets are designed with passenger comfort and convenience in mind, and you can book according to your requirements.

Booking Process

Our booking process is simple and unique. Just visit our website and book your journey instantly. If you have any questions or need clarification, our support staff is available 24/7 to assist you.

Why Choose Us for Minibus & Coach Hire in London

OMBH has been serving customers for many years and our fleets are designed to meet your needs as a passenger. We offer instant booking and can also provide long-term hire options for a day, a week, a month, or even a year. Trust us for a safe, reliable and comfortable journey.

What types of minibuses and coaches are available for hire in London?

We offer a range of minibuses and coaches for hire in London, including 8 seater to 24 seater minibuses and 33 seater to 49 seater buses.


Can I hire a minibus with a driver in London?

Yes, we provide minibus hire with driver service in London to make your journey comfortable and stress-free.

How do I book a minibus or coach hire in London with OMBH?

Our booking process is simple and can be done through our website. You can fill in the booking form with your requirements, and our support team will get in touch with you to confirm your booking.

Are your minibuses and coaches equipped with GPS tracking?

Yes, our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking, which enables us to track them throughout the journey and ensure the safety and security of our passengers.

Is OMBH a reliable and safe option for minibus hire in London?

Yes, we have been providing minibus and coach hire services in London for many years and have a proven track record of reliability and safety. Our vehicles are regularly serviced and maintained to ensure the highest standards of safety and comfort for our passengers.

Tourist Places

Things To DO in London

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  • Information

London is one of the most iconic cities in Europe. London has a rich history of memorable monarchs. Of the many gifts England has given to the world none has been greater than her language and literature.

This global city is filled with iconic symbols from Tower Bridge, and Buckingham Palace to the London Eye. Take one trip to this mesmerizing capital and you will be amazed to see what it holds. Let’s talk about the things you can do on your next trip to London in this read.

  • Where to eat

Hoppers, Soho

This restaurant has been in London since 2015 but when you enter you will feel like you are visiting for the first time no matter how many times you have visited. Maybe because there are few Srilankan restaurants in London

The Hoppers must order with an egg, chili, or cheese as well as dhal and the amazing sambar. Order beer with Camden Town Brewery and it will take you into the Srilankan shores in just one sip.

Jungle Cave

This is a literal jungle in London city when you step in you will feel like you are some other place not in London. The first name of this place was The Rainforest Cafè and it is located in the heart of the West End.

Take your kids and family with you to this place. You will be truly amazed to see Amazon jungle vibes. They also have a wide range of menus to discover so this is the best place to eat together with your family.

Pie And Mash

It is a traditional meal in London, most famous in the East End of London. You will find so many choices to eat pie and mash in London and be ready to be poured with a big serving of traditional liquor.

  • Where to drink

The Bars Of Soho

The bars of Soho are famous nightlife spots in London. They offer some of the best cocktails and drinks in the whole city. Some of the bests are Disrepute, Soma, The Blind Pig, and Cahoots.

These bars guarantee a fun and friendly atmosphere and they have a big variety of drinks according to how you want them.


This bar was opened back in 2010 and it has become so popular in no time that they have to launch an online booking system only and deducts money if you plan not to come.

People often avoid places like this but you have to pay a good price for fame. This bar is gorgeous, with amazing service and a long list of cocktails. This is a good place to drink if you want to experiment or you can always stick to classics.

  • Where to shop

Oxford Street

This is the most famous destination in London for shoppers. This street has more than 300 outlets and landmark stores. You can go to the Selfridges store and after shopping watch a movie in its cinema as well.

You can find big brands all in one place at department stores like House of Fraser.

Go and check the latest style and trends at everyone’s favorite Zara. If you are here along with your kids explore all kinds of toys at The Disney Store.

Spitalfields Market

This market is the number 1 destination for clothing, jewelry, and other things like that. If you are a lover of fashion and style you will feel at home at this place. There is also a huge variety of food here so you can also eat after a long day of browsing through this market.

London Designer Outlet

This is another shopping center in Wembley, England. It is full of all the designer brands you have always wanted to visit. There are also a lot of places where you can eat and drink.

  • Other tourist attractions

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is easily the most recognizable landmark in the world. It is an impressive reminder of London’s rapid expansion during the industrial revolution.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is perhaps the most famous palace in the world. It is the official residence of Queen Elizabeth.

It is a popular tourist attraction and they also offer tours or staterooms and gardens.

Camden Tower

The edgier Camden Town features six popular markets that are open every day of the week and operate along her street, the canal, and in her historic stables.

The London Eye

From the ancient to the modern The London Eye offers a complete change of pace and perspective. The massive wheel is over 400 feet high.

It takes 30 minutes to complete one rotation. From it, you can see the London of old as well as new editions in the city all in air-conditioned comfort.

If you wanted to visit these amazing historically rich places with your friends and family you can hire our transportation services. Simply search us at minibus hire or minibus hire London.

  • Things to do for kids

Richmond Park

If you think of London as a mere concrete jungle then you have to rethink. London is full of beautiful parks which are spread around the city and contain amazing wildlife.

This park is so ancient in the UK and it has a range of rare species. If the weather is on your side you should also bring your kids with you.

Sea Life Center London Aquarium

You can discover Sea Life London Aquarium located on the south bank. You can stroll underneath the glass tunnel. Go to the seahorse kingdom and witness piranhas and crocodiles and as sharks swim beneath you walk on the Shark Walk.

It will take you one to two hours to completely explore this place. One thing to keep in mind is you will have to book a ticket in advance.

  • London In One Day

Go to The Central Sightseeing

If you go to Victoria Coach Station you can visit all the top attractions nearby. It will also take you 20 minutes to walk to Buckingham Palace. if you go to St James Park you can easily visit Big Ben from there as well because it is also nearby.

Go And See the Markets of East London

This market is one of the best and coolest areas to visit. Visit Columbia Road Flower Market to visit plants and trees. At Brick Lane Market you will find second-hand furniture, classic shoes, and lots more.

At Broadway Market, you can have a chat with the farmers and craft people.

This West End of London is the liveliest part of London. Go to eat in the Covent Garden. Drink cocktails in Soho.

  • Hidden gems

Kyoto Garden

The most amazing garden in London is found in Holland Park. This garden offers a Japanese-style landscape it is a perfect place to relax.

Neal’s Yard

If you are someone who likes to see colorful streets, bookstores, and tea shops then this is the place to visit for you. This secret place is just a walk away from Covent Garden train station.

This place is small but it is very different from the rest of London. Have snacks, and coffee and you can even have lunch in this place.

Tulip Stairs

These stairs are the most aesthetically pleasing of all hidden gems in London. The unique thing about these stairs is that they are the first unsupported stairs. The railing of the stairs has flowers on it and it is said those are Tulip.

Sky Garden

It is one of most favorite London gems although it is a hidden gem it is still very popular among many tourists. You can grab drinks and dinner at the rooftop bar.

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