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24 Seater Minibus Tours for Christmas Across UK


Are you looking for 24-seater to go on Christmas adventures? As holiday season approaches, enchanting allure of Christmas festivities gestures us to explore magic and merriment that United Kingdom has to offer. 

Among myriad of travel options, we stand out as beacon of excellence in providing unparalleled travel experiences. 

Specializing in variety of services, including prominent 24 seater minibus hire, we are your gateway to memorable Christmas journey.

Your Gateway to Exceptional Travel Experiences

We take pride in our commitment to delivering quality travel services, ensuring that every journey is seamless blend of comfort and adventure. 

Vital to this commitment is our fleet of minibus hire with driver, providing perfect balance of spaciousness and intimacy for group travel during festive season.


Driver Health and Minibus Maintenance

A constant focus on passenger safety lies at heart of our service quality. We uphold highest levels of driver health and minibus maintenance. 

There are strict processes in place to ensure that drivers are not only qualified professionals but also in good health, ensuring safe and comfortable travel experience.

Moreover, our minibus fleet undergoes regular inspections and maintenance schedules. Our minibus equipped with state-of-art safety features, and drivers are trained and certified to adhere to highest safety standards. 

We understand that journey is as important as the destination, and we spare no effort in making it safe and comfortable for every passenger.

Must-See Christmas Events in Every Corner of UK

As Christmas spirit unfolds across UK, we become your companion in exploring the enchanting festivities. From vibrant Christmas markets to dazzling light displays and traditional holiday performances, we ensure that you don't miss a moment of festive magic.

Our Services on Festive

For those planning to celebrate Christmas in Aberdeen or Norwich, we offer specialized minibus hire services tailored to your needs. 

Our minibus services are perfect solution for group travel, ensuring that you and your loved ones can navigate festive events with ease and style. 

With our minibus hire Aberdeen you may explore Christmas markets in Aberdeen or may attend holiday performances in Norwich with our minibus hire Norwich, we have your transportation needs covered.


Special Christmas Services

At magical event, we also come with our special services which benefit our customers.

Exclusive Christmas Travel Packages

Unveiling our exclusive Christmas travel packages, we add touch of festive magic to your journey. Picture yourself traveling in festively-themed 24 seater minibus, with interior adorned in holiday cheer. We go beyond transportation by curating experiences that suit festive atmosphere of season.

Personalized Christmas Itineraries

Recognizing that every Christmas celebration is unique, we offer personalized Christmas itineraries. Whether you're family seeking magical adventure, couple desiring romantic getaway, or solo traveler in pursuit of festive experiences, we craft itineraries that cater to your preferences and create lasting memories.

Our Doncaster Service

For those venturing to Doncaster during Christmas season, we extend our exceptional minibus hire services. 

Our minibus hire Doncaster is not only practical solution for group travel but also opportunity to elevate your Christmas experience. 

Attend special VIP Christmas events, explore local festivities, and immerse yourself in holiday spirit with us.

Bringing Christmas Magic to Every Journey

Set off on adventure where OMBH weaves wonderful spirit of Christmas into every mile, adding special touch to every minute of your holiday travel experience.

Creating Magical Atmosphere

As you embark on your Christmas journey with us, you'll find that magic of season is not confined to destination but knit into every aspect of travel experience. 

We collaborate with local businesses to enhance festive ambiance, ensuring that holiday spirit accompanies you throughout your journey.

Commitment to Sustainability

In spirit of giving, we are committed to sustainability during holiday season. We actively seek eco-friendly practices, contributing to greener, more sustainable Christmas travel experience.

Effortless Group Travel

Our 24 seater minibus deliver stress-free ride without sacrificing luxury, with plenty of storage for bags and possessions. 

Furthermore, it is more cost-effective option than several smaller cars, lowering both fuel costs and environmental imprint. 

The ease of having everyone together improves coordination and guarantees that everyone gets at their destination at same time, boosting enjoyment of journey.

How You Can Book with OMBH?

Booking your magical Christmas journey with us is straightforward process. We ensure that you can secure your minibus using our online platform and tailor your Christmas travel package according to your preferences. 

Early bookings may come with exclusive promotions or discounts, making your festive adventure even more delightful.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, as you plan your Christmas travel in UK, let OMBH be your guide to magical experience. Whether you're interested in 24 seater minibus hire or exploring festive events in Aberdeen, Norwich, or Doncaster, we promise a journey filled with joy, safety, and enchanting spirit of the season. 

Start magic of Christmas with us, and unwrap gift of unforgettable memories. You can start explore with us with few clicks.

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