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Luton Airport

Luton Airport was first time opened on 16 July 1938 by Right Honourable Kingsley Wood. It was thought of as the northern terminal of London and was owned by the Borough of Luton. During wartime, military and civil aircraft were built here and it was used as a military base. After the next ten years, a package holiday was introduced which made people travel abroad for the first time through this airport.

This airport just keeps continuing to grow and in 2014 it has recorded the most number of passengers reportedly ten million passengers were flown through this airport during that year. After that, they found the need to redesign the airport terminal to add more features and make the overall experience better for everyone.

And this idea was very successful to some extent and after that the airport recorded a 15.7 million passengers increase in 2017. If you are traveling in the UK or going somewhere else internationally you can book our minibus hire services in Luton.

Luton Airport Arrivals

We provide Luton Airport Arrivals through our cheap minibus hire in Luton. We have all kinds of buses and coaches available all the time at your services. We try to serve you very efficiently and our prices are very affordable. Book us beforehand and get an instant quote from us within a minute.

Share your flight details and rent a mini van we will get to you on time to welcome you with a smile when you land. We will pick you up and take you to your accommodation in comfort. Our vehicles come with drivers that are very trained to take you to the short routes safely to your place of choice.

Whether you want to visit this beautiful city of London instantly after landing our drivers know all the attractions to show in the city. The list of fleets that we own is very long you can book from a small 8 seater minibus9 seater minibus12 seater minibus15 seater minibus, or the larger 16 seaters minibus to accommodate the entire family at once.

Luton Airport Departures

Our minibus hire service is available for Luton airport departures as well. Whether you are going on a holiday with your family or friends to any other country or it is a business meeting with your colleagues we provide our services for all kinds of Luton airport transfers.  No matter what the size of your group is we have vehicles for every group and size.

Our drivers are very experienced and friendly with extensive knowledge of all routes to take you on time at the airport and they will always keep you in touch when you are waiting for your vehicle. Whatever the size of your bags and suitcases is they can fit in our vehicles easily. We have many things like Wi-Fi, a toilet, a TV, and a gaming station to keep you occupied during your journey.

If you want to know about our vehicles we have a long list of them. Our fleets start from the small 8 seaters minibus9 seater minibus12 seater minibus15 seater minibus16 seater minibus which is the large bus and it can fit more people and accommodate more baggage.

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Facilities in Luton Airport Transfer

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  • Currency exchange at Luton Airport

You will find ATMs in the entire airport in the areas where you check-in, the arrival areas, and the departure areas as well. It is okay if you haven't arranged a currency exchange before your trip because you can do it very easily through the ICE.

They are serving at the airport for many years now and are very reliable. They have a good range of foreign currencies, they provide mobile top-ups, and also have international calling cards available for you if you need one.

  • Shopping is great at this airport

You will have an amazing shopping experience at this airport because they have over 40 brands from all across the globe for you. There is AELIA duty-free area to shop all brands and the brands include are BOSS, Accessorize, RITUALS, NEXT, OLIVER BONUS, fatface, TED BAKER, and JD sport.

There are many places for you to eat like BURGER KING, Bun ego, COST COFFEE, KRISPY KREME, WASABI, pert a manger, Starbucks, and many more for eating and drinking.

  • The Wi-Fi is great at Luton airport

The Wi-Fi at Luton airport is great and it is very fast and also very easy to connect. Just turn it on in the settings and find Luton Airport WIFI and after that connect it and launch your web browser to use it. It is 10x faster than the Wi-Fi you have at your home.

  • Executive lounge

The executive lounge at this airport is called ASPIRE EXECUTIVE LOUNGE. Whether you are going for business or leisure purposes you can relax at this airport to relax before catching this airport.

This lounge offers complimentary food, drink, and Wi-Fi available during your stay you can also read magazines that are ready for you to read. There are some opening hours of this lounge which you should be aware of and these times keep changing very frequently.

  • Chaplaincy

Our chaplaincy team offers facilities and places to pray to all kinds of faiths. They provide emotional support and if someone needs it they give access to charity groups as well. They are helping people with different faiths and even if someone has no faith at all. There is a prayer room located in the departure terminal where you can sit and relax after the bustle of the airport to relax.

This room is open 24/7 you can come here at any time there is a prayer direction market out, prayer mats, and washing facilities to use before prayer as well. Locate just after the departure lounge this place is never closed for anyone.

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