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Christmas in London with Minibus Hire Services


In London, the holiday season is lovely time when city comes alive with festive spirit and lively Christmas celebrations. Christmas in London is must, whether you're native or tourist. Convenient transportation is essential for making most of your vacation excursions. 

In this article, we will look at minibus hire London services, with particular emphasis on OMBH Travel Services. 

We'll also look at some of city's most spectacular Christmas activities and wonderful refreshments on offer. So, let's take trip to heart of London's Christmas atmosphere.

London Minibus Hire Services

During Christmas season, London is a huge city with plethora of attractions and activities. To see it all, you'll need dependable form of transportation. 

Our minibus hire services are ideal solution. We provide parties of all sizes pleasant, roomy, and convenient transportation alternatives. 

You can discover appropriate match for your travel requirements whether you're small party searching for 8 seater minibus hire or bigger group looking for 16 seater minibus hire

When traveling in group, minibus is not only practical but also cost-effective, enabling you to split costs and concentrate on enjoying festive sights and sounds of London.


Travel Services We Give

When it comes to minibus hire London, OMBH (Online Minibus Hire) stands out as dependable and trustworthy option. 

We have established itself as a go-to service for travelers seeking comfort, safety, and convenience, with years of expertise and a solid presence in both London and the UK.

We provide variety of minibus choices, including 8 and 16 passenger minibus, making us suited for variety of group sizes. 

Our dedication to timeliness and expertise ensures that your vacation plans go as planned, enabling you to completely enjoy celebrations.

Why Us for Christmas Travel?

Choosing us for your Christmas travel requirements has various benefits. Our fleet of well-maintained minibuses is outfitted with contemporary conveniences, ensuring that you and your company have pleasant travel. 

Customer testimonies and reviews confirm to our great service, establishing them as reliable brand in vacation travel.

The Christmas season can be stressful in London, with increased demand for transportation services. We enable you to reserve your minibus in advance, guaranteeing that you have dependable transportation to all of great Christmas activities and sights.

Our 12 seater minibus hire is ideal for medium-sized parties looking for pleasant and roomy transportation. 

This adaptable minibus provides enough seating capacity and convenience whether you're organizing family getaway, business function, or a group excursion.


London Christmas Events

London has diverse range of Christmas activities and attractions to suit all preferences. There's something for everyone, from traditional Christmas markets to stunning light displays. Among city's most popular events are:

Winter Wonderland 

A spectacular sight featuring ice rink, fairground attractions, and a Christmas market, Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland is must-see.

Christmas Markets

Visit city's several Christmas markets, such as Southbank Centre Winter Market and Leicester Square Christmas Market, to discover unique gifts and holiday snacks.

Light Shows 

Behold stunning light shows at well-known locales like as Oxford Street, Regent Street, and Covent Garden.

Ice Skating

Skate in renowned rinks such as Somerset House and Tower of London.

The Nutcracker

At places such as Royal Opera House, see renowned Christmas ballet production.

Options for Refreshments and Dining

During holidays, London's food culture comes alive, with variety of tempting drinks and eating choices. Traditional holiday foods and beverages may be found everywhere, from street sellers to posh eateries. Don't overlook:

Mulled Wine

Warm up with cup of spiced mulled wine, a citywide Christmas tradition.

Mince Pies 

Enjoy these sweet and fruity pies, which are often served as Christmas dessert.

Roast Dinners 

At local pubs and restaurants, enjoy full British roast dinner with all trimmings.

Christmas Pudding

A rich and delicious dessert commonly served with brandy butter, try legendary Christmas pudding.

Booking Minibus for Christmas

Booking minibus for your Christmas travels with us is quick and stress-free. You may make reservation in advance to ensure that you get best minibus for your party size. 

This assures smooth and pleasurable flight, enabling you to concentrate on making treasured vacation experiences. We can provide you with 8 seater minibus, 12 seater minibus, or 16 seater minibus.


To summarize, Christmas in London is joyful trip, and OMBH’s minibus hire London services is ideal method to traverse city's festive offers. 

Whether you're small or big party, our minibus fleet guarantees that you have comfortable and convenient transportation to exciting Christmas festivities and scrumptious snacks. Make this holiday season special by exploring charm of London during Christmas with us.

Don't pass up chance to make unforgettable memories this Christmas season. Choose us for your minibus hiring requirements and immerse yourself in magical world of Christmas in London. Your Christmas travel will be stress-free and unforgettable thanks to our minibus hire London.

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