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leeds Minibus Hire

If you are visiting Leeds you can book Minibus hire Leeds. Leeds is situated within Yorkshire in England and it is considered to be one of the gems of the North. It has an array of Victorian buildings and modern architecture providing the perfect contrast that most travelers don't get the chance to see in one place.

This city is attracting millions of students and tourists every year and it is not shocking is so many people wanted to travel to Leeds. It is indeed a family-friendly city.

The brilliant thing that you can do with Leeds minibus hire

You can do many things if you have the best and right minibus hire in Leeds. If you are interested in arts and culture you can go and explore Leeds Arts Gallery, Thackray Museum of Medicine, or the National Coal Mining Museum for England. If you are interested in outdoor places to see in the daylight with your friends you can visit Pugneys Country Park, Moortown Golf Club, Waterloo Lake, or Thwaite Watermill.

Additionally, you can book our cheap services of Leeds coach hire if you are traveling in big groups as they are fast and accommodate more people at once.

Types of minibus vehicles

We have an extensive list of vehicles and we also provide you with the best minibus hire Leeds with a driver. Where you become stress-free from the worry of parking the vehicle or finding the best route to the places of your interest.

The types of vehicles we own range from 8 seater minibus hire, 12 seater minibus hire, 24 seater bus hire, to the large  49 seater bus hire. And our vehicle is fully equipped with all the latest features that you can wish in any minibusses or coaches like AC, recliner seat, toilet, WIFI, TV, ironing board and so much more.

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Tourist Places

Things To DO in Leeds

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  • Information

Leeds is a contemporary global city with a stunning historical backdrop. It has a wonderful past as do many of Yorkshire’s great cities with striking Victorian Era structures in the city center.

Unlike many other cities, it has maintained its luster into the 21st century becoming a prominent center for music & culture. Leed’s skyline may not be as famous as London’s but it has a shopping area to rival London’s.

A dining scene to rival Birmingham and a nightlife to rival Manchester. Budget markets are within walking distance of fancy malls. Curry eaters are near English pubs and skyscrapers are surrounded by old streets. In this read, we will talk about the things to do in Leeds.

  • Where to eat

Bill’s Restaurant

This restaurant is located in Albion Place. It has two floors and a terrace to enjoy in summer. The private dining area of this restaurant can accommodate 50 people at once.

This new place is perfect for a cozy dinner with your friends and family and the bar at this place is very unique if you want to sip cocktails too.

Eat Your Greens

This grocers-cum-casual diner is a place where you won’t find any meat as the name suggests. Organic produce and natural flavors came together in a plate of wow. This is a very good place if you want to start eating greens.

Tattu Restaurant and Bar

Located in Leeds city center Tattu serves Chinese cuisine. When you enter this place for the first time you will find purple lights and attention-seeking fauna. The menu is full of a variety of dishes and the drinks they serve are equal to their signature cocktail and the long list of wines.

  • Where to drink

The Alchemist Trinity

This place is located in Leeds shopping center which is a mega store with so many brands under one roof. It is the perfect location for a get-together and cocktail therapy.

There is something to offer to anyone on their menu. If you are more into weekend brunch then enjoy their boundless brunch. This place is like no other in the town, unconventional and dark.

The Botanist Bar & Restaurant Leeds

The Botanist is a secret garden a place like no other this bar offers an array of wines and beers. A lot of the finest wine and spirits are offered here.

Live music is available here all the time throughout the year. The concept of this place is very unique.


This dynamic chic New York-style bar with friendly and skilled staff. Ever since it opened in 1996 it has become famous and earned the title of one of the most unique restaurants. This place is making changes to its menu so that the guests get more and more experience of different things.

  • Where to shop

Victoria Leeds

Victoria Quarter is located in Victoria Leeds premium shopping area in the North of England. It has a major brand and a major luxury food restaurant inside it.

This place has 800+ car spaces and it is close to both bus and railway stations. Victoria Quarter and Victoria Gate are the most vibrant shopping places in Leeds shopping center.

Independent Shopping

This is one of the most iconic shopping hubs in the Leeds Corn Exchange. It is home to a collection of independent vendors. You will find an equally vibrant and crowded area in the historic Leeds Kirkgate Market.

It is the largest indoor market in Europe. Everything can be found here from good food to jewelry to hardware.

Grand Arcade

A Victorian shopping arcade has a history that goes back to 1897. It has transformed into lively retail but it has all the old-school charm to it.

The Victorian architecture is something to watch at this place: glass roof and arched windows take you back in time.

  • Top tourist attractions

Leeds Art Gallery

There are no entry fees to visit this place. This free attraction is located in the City Centre. This place consists of all types of art from contemporary to modern.

The lower gallery has work from the early years of the collection while the upper gallery contains contemporary work. Take some time and stroll in the stunning surroundings of Victorian Tiled Hall and cafè.

Leeds City Museum

 This museum is located in the city center and it consists of six galleries. Discover the natural world in the life on earth gallery. The Collector’s Cabinet has more secret objects that came to Leeds in the 1700s.

In the world view gallery explore different cultures. On the first floor of the museum, you can find huge Leeds story galleries. This museum holds two exhibitions on the top floor. It also has a cafè that serves teas and coffee that you can sit back and enjoy.

Leeds Town Hall

This Brodrick-designed building was opened in 1858 but is still fine to this day. It has many old-world features now and you can even get guided tours that will take you to cavernous Victoria Hall.

Roundhay Park

It is the biggest park in Leeds and one of the largest in the city. It is spread over 700 acres and you can find so many fun things to do here.

You can go with your friends to the tennis court, plan a picnic on a sunny day or take your kids to the playground.

  • Things to do with kids

Rainbow Factory

At this factory, you can witness incredible performances through creative arts. These arts are very unique including many things like theatre, music, games, and craft.

The performances are interactive allowing kids to perform on the stage. This place is famous for birthday parties but it also hosts events daily to join.

Team Sport

This is the best place when it comes to go-karting in Leeds. The circuit is the longest indoor in all of Europe. You will find ramps, tunnels, and many turns in this circuit.

This is a very unique place to take your family to enjoy the adventure. Give it a visit and see who's the better racer.

Stockeld Park

This park is a striking setting if you visit during the holidays. You will find vibrant decorations here and everything is so magical.

There is a forest, a playground, and a skating rink in the park as well. Among all these, many events and concerts take place in this park.

  • Leeds in one day

The best way to get around Leeds is by using the bus network. Simply buy a ticket and enjoy unlimited travel.

Start your day with a nice breakfast at Layne’s Breakfast. This place is quite famous among the locals.

Next, go to Leeds Corn Exchange to purchase some vintage items you can also get to know about the city’s independent shops.

Then go to Leeds Art Gallery. This place is completely free to visit and it offers so much art.

Then go and grab a nice lunch at Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen and get a pizza at Dough Boys.

Visit Kirkstall Abbey the visitor’s center is something to check out with stunning history. Visit Leeds City Museum and it is also free so get to discover more art.

After that go and have some dinner at Bundobust. This place is a good choice for South Asian Restaurants.

Sip a good drink to end your day at Headrow House if you want to have a good pub experience.

  • Hidden gems

The Tiled Hall

This is a great place to sit back and enjoy the view. The high ceiling and beautiful columns are a must to see.

Penny Pocket Park

It is a simple area but it has deep roots in history if you pay attention. Go for a stroll and you will find stones that look like paving stones but are gravestones.

York Gate Garden

For its one-acre area, this place has a lot to offer. It has fourteen garden rooms and it never fails to amaze the visitors. For its size, many elements give ideas for a potential smaller garden.

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