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Southend on Sea is a seaside resort town in Essex, southeast England, on the Thames Estuary. Southend Pier is served by a small railway and includes a museum at its shore end. Adventure Island, a nearby amusement park featuring fairground rides and water slides, is nearby. The Cliff Lift, a century-old funicular, clings to the mountain and provides shore views.

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Tourist Places

Things To DO in Southend on Sea

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  • Information

Southend on Sea has an aquarium, theme park, historical attractions, and several beautiful beaches. All the services and activities you would expect to find in a beach resort are available. Locals enjoy surfing, kiteboarding, and sunbathing on the beaches.

The following items are the most appealing!

  • Hadleigh Castle

Hadleigh Castle is a mediaeval stronghold with a view of the Thames Estuary. Hadleigh Castle is located less than a mile south of the A13. The castle was built sometime after 1215 and served as the king's palace near London.

The castle is now in ruins, gradually sinking into the soft London clay on which it was constructed. In the 16th century, most of its masonry was also sold. It is presently in the care of English Heritage. Even if it is largely destroyed, it is a stunning sight that you should see. Parts of the original edifice remain intact, including a three-story tower, the foundations of the great hall, and the kitchen.

  • Prittlewell Priory

An ancient monastery may be found at Prittlewell Priory. The structure in Priory Park was once used as a private house and is now a museum. Several old elements, such as the 12th Century gateway with chevron and dog tooth design, may still be seen.

Much of the original property was destroyed in 1536, and the building was subsequently altered and restored. The Scranton, the last family to dwell on the site, have an exhibit depicting their 19th-century lifestyle. You may also take a quiet walk in the walled gardens and encounter numerous protected animals.

  • Priory Park

Priory Park is a lovely 45-acre park with a children's playground, bowling greens, tennis facilities, basketball courts, and formal gardens. The park is situated at the crossroads of A127 and Victoria Ave. A trip around the gardens is enjoyable, particularly in the summer when you may appreciate the fragrances and sights of the luxuriant blooms.

The significant open greenspace is an ideal location for a picnic. If you prefer fishing, there is also a fishing lake on-site. A community festival may be held here; a calendar of activities is available online.

  • Chalkwell Beach

At Chalkwell Beach, you may sunbathe or stroll along the beach. Turn right onto Chalkwell Esplanade from Chalkwell Avenue to reach the on-site parking. You may enjoy the beautiful sand beach when the tide is high. Crabs and other marine species will likely be seen amid the mud, sand, and tidal pools when the tide has gone out.

You'll also see the Crownstone, a massive granite obelisk that is supposed to have marked the boundary of London's control over the Thames river since the 12th century. There are several cafes and shops along the beach if you need a bite to eat or beach supplies.

  • Southend Cliff Railway

The Southend Cliff Railway will take you from the Western Esplanade to Cliffton Terrace while providing breathtaking views of the pier and estuary. The lift is situated on the south coast of Southend.

The lift, erected in 1912, has undergone various renovations and can accommodate up to 13 passengers. When you get to Clifton Terrace, check out the Royals Shopping Centre, which is just a short walk away. Call ahead for hours since volunteers and hours change operates the lift.

  • Sea Life Adventure

Sea Life Adventure has approximately 40 aquatic displays, including dolphins and sharks. The aquarium is accessible through the Eastern Esplanade. Many collections include local marine species found in adjacent estuaries, such as starfish, stingrays, and crabs. You may also see more exotic tropical critters like pufferfish and several low shark types.

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