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Gatwick Airport

The Gatwick Airport became an aerodrome back in 1930 and came to its present condition in 1958 to the airport that we know today and it was officially opened by Her Majesty THE QUEEN. In these 60 years, our airport has just grown from 186,000 to now 46 million people in 2019.  Now, this airport is looking for strong passengers this summer and it is planning to open the South terminal in March to meet all the expected demand.

There is only one runway and 2 terminals at this airport's South and North terminal. Gatwick was also the world's first airport that has a direct mainland train link with the railway station. In the UK it is the best airport who is already connected by rail and it connects more stations than any other airport European station.

This airport is also a part of Oyster and Contactless payment which means you can take advantage of seamless payment throughout the capital. With the upcoming trains and technology in just 5 years, rail services have doubled at this airport.

Gatwick airport arrivals

We provide Gatwick airport arrivals for every occasion in Gatwick airport transfers. You can book our minibus hire services beforehand so we will reach the airport to pick you up on time. We will take you to your accommodation easily in a comfortable manner and if you are wishing to explore the city before going home our drivers are fully trained people who have extensive knowledge of all the top attractions in the UK.

Our drivers are very friendly and they will be in the terminal building before you land so you do not have to wait. We have a good list of fleets that goes from the cheap minibus to the small 8 seater minibus, 9 seater minibus12 seater minibus15 seaters minibus, and large size 16 seater minibus to fit large groups of people all at once. Book us today through our website or call us to get a quote from us within a minute.

Gatwick airport departures

This airport also provides services for Gatwick airport departures you can reach us with enough time so we don't miss your flight. We have a professional and friendly staff who are reliable as well. We have no hidden charges and our vehicles are long list to suit every requirement.

Our drivers will monitor your flight and will take you from the shortest routes with less traffic. Even if your flight is delayed a bit you can wait in the minibus with so many facilities like tv, air conditioner, wifi, gaming station and so much more. It is very safe for a client to feel safe and comfortable with us throughout the journey and this is what we emphasize. No matter what time of the day or night it is you can book with us 24/7.

Our fleet of vehicles is very long and extensive and there is so much to choose from. Our list goes from a small 8 seater minibus, 9 seater minibus, 12 seater minibus, and 15 seater minibus to the large 16 seater minibus to accommodate many people and more baggage capacity at once. Book us today and make sure to do it a few days before your flight time to reach your destination on the time.

Gatwick Airport | OMBH

Facilities in Gatwick Airport Transfer

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  • Special assistance

If you have a disability or your mobility is reduced you can get special assistance at Gatwick airport. Airports are a challenging and hectic place for many people already so we want to make the experience as smooth as we can. There are many facilities for those passengers who may need a little extra help and they have extra services for passengers who have hidden disabilities.

  • Traveling with children

Gatwick airport makes sure that your family is off to a good start with them this is why they are the first family-friendly airport ever. There are dedicated assistance, family security lanes, and kids zones for your help all the time. They are taking all the steps possible to make your trip stress free and keep you entertained as well.

  • Airport lounges

Our airport lounges start from as little as 28 pounds and no matter which airline you are using to fly you will get complimentary drinks, food, newspapers, and magazines to read. There are several lounges in this airport like NO1 the North terminal, NO1 South terminal, plaza premium lounge, and the gateway lounge North terminal.

  • Internet and Wi-Fi at this airport

When you reached the airport simply search for the Free Gatwick Wi-Fi and once you found it click on the get online now button to get the advantage of this superfast Wi-Fi which is 10x faster than the Wi-Fi at your home. There are many charge points before and after the security areas where you can charge you’re mobile easily.

  • Luggage service

If you need someplace to store your luggage you can check this baggage company to help you. Whether you want to leave it for a few hours only or you want us to keep it for weeks we have got you covered. This place can be found in the airport before and after the security in the north and south terminals.

  • Cash and currency

You can exchange your currency at the airport if you haven't already Change Group is the world’s leading currency changer and they can be found at the Gatwick airport. They have 15 branches and 60 ATMs at this airport.

  • Chapel and prayer room

Chapel and prayer rooms are available in the airport for people of all faiths. These rooms are open 24/7 for everyone you can sit, relax, pray and meditate in these rooms. The South terminal chapel is on the third floor and the North terminal chapel is on the first floor of the building.

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