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Dublin Airport

Dublin airport is the 12th largest airport in Europe. This airport serves as the main gateway between students and tourists traveling. This airport serves 200 destinations in the whole world including 44 countries. This airport started to get famous in the ’80s and ’90s which was also the time when the Irish economy took a boost. During World War II, there was only one flight operational at this airport that was between Dublin and Liverpool.

About  600 landings and takeoffs take place at this airport every day taking 60,000 passengers but in the crowded season it can even reach up to 80,000 passengers. Book our services of minibus hire for Dublin airport transfers to make your journey as smooth as possible for you.

Dublin airport arrivals

Our minibus hires Dublin airport arrival service is the Best service you can choose for your airport arrivals. The first impression is always crucial in any business and we make sure we get it right. Book us a few days before your flight day to avoid getting in an awkward situation.

We provide our services not only for airports but for any other occasion you want to book us for like weddings, hen and stag do, religious group tours and golf tours as well. On top of that our drivers are friendly and talented people to take you through the easy and short routes and make sure you comfortably reach your accommodation. Because let's be honest after the long flights and going from one airport to another you are already stressed and we make sure you reach your destination as quickly as possible.

If you want to know about our fleets we have a long list that goes from a small 8 seater minibus, 9 seater minibus, 12 seater minibus, and the big ones to fit more people at once 15 seaters minibus and 16 seaters minibus.

Dublin airport departures

We also provide Dublin airport departures with our cheap minibus hire. Whether you are traveling for a business trip,  you are holidaying with your family, you are a couple going on honeymoon or a group of students traveling for a conference overseas we have minibus hire for every need.

We have vehicles to suit every size and group of people and they are ideal for small families to accommodate large groups and big families. These are also perfect for international tour groups who are traveling from Ireland to other countries.

Our fleets have plenty of legroom, storage for your baggage, and comfy seats for you to sit and relax before the flight, and even if your flight is delayed a bit you can relax in one of our minibus hires and we won't charge anything extra. The list of our fleets is an 8 seater minibus, 9 seater minibus, a 12 seater minibus, 15 seater minibus, and 16 seater minibus. Our vehicles have all the latest features you can find a tv, wifi, power points, and reclining seats where you can sit for hours. Book us today through our website and instantly get a quote from us within no time.

Dublin Airport Transfer | OMBH

Facilities in Dublin Airport Transfer

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  • Airport security at Dublin airport

The security in T1 is available all the time 24/7 and the security in T2 are open on some days so please consider this point. If you are going on a short distance flight please come to the airport 2.5 hours early and if you have a flight that is long haul please visit the airport at 3.5 hours. There is also fast track security that is available and open but you can only avail of it if your booking is confirmed with the airport.

  • Shopping at the airport

Shopping at Dublin airport is the best experience you can save up to 15% off on your favorite shops. The Shopping Loop at the airport is the ultimate shopping goal for any shopper you can find all high-end international brands plus the top Irish brands.

With the Click and Collect service at the airport you can buy before you fly. Buy your favorite products online and collect them at the airport when you are flying. There Is also another service called Shop and Collect where you can buy items in the shopping loop and return them when you come back home.

  • The restaurant at the airport

You must be covid-19 free to enter restaurants in terminal 1 and terminal 2. There is a search option on the airport's website which you can utilize to search for restaurants and bars. The restaurants and bars included are Burger King, AMT coffee, Butlers Chocolate Cafe, Food village, Irish meadows, Market 53, Nomad, Starbucks, SOMA, and many more.

  • WIFI and luggage service

The Wi-Fi at this airport is super-fast and it is available in both terminals to use free of charge to anyone who needed it. Open the settings on your phone and search Dublin Airport Wi-Fi and connect it from there it is as easy as this. There is no need to register or sign up anywhere you can connect as many devices as possible and this internet is 10x faster than the internet you have at your home.

Printing services are also available where you can print your boarding cards. All the items that you want them to print must be emailed to an email address of the store.

  • Comfortable seating

The seating at this amazingly big airport is very comfortable you can relax in this quiet place before the flight whether you have a short distance or long-distance flight. There are also free charging stations available where you can charge your devices for as long as you want and that too is free of cost.

  • Prayer rooms at the airport

 This prayer room is located on level two near the departure. The main purpose of this place is that anyone can sit and relax here. There are some rules to use this place like your mobile phones must be switched off, remove your shoes before entering, you are not allowed to place any notice at this place and some other rules to consider.

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