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Hajj and Umrah

For Travel Umrah and Hajj, OMBH understands how important your Umrah and Hajj are and how important it is to get all of the details correct for Transportation. With so many options, it's not just about finding the cheapest deal-related vehicles; it's about finding your perfect MinibusCoach, and Bus Services for Travel Umrah and Hajj, whether that's services near Haram or the shortest distance to Jeddah!

You can quickly and easily get Bus Hire Saudi options and then find the best package available for Transportation. Booking for Travel Umrah and Hajj is our top service nowadays.

Things to Do in Makkah During Umrah and Hajj

Get the option to pay your respects at the holiest places in Makkah when you take Travel Umrah and Hajj services. You can take a Ziyarat Tour nearest Makkah and taste the local food specialties. The most important recreation option is to shop for exquisite praying essentials while going to Umrah and Hajj from the UK.

Things To Do In Madinah Munawwarah During Umrah And Hajj

By the grace of Allah Almighty, whenever you visit Madinah. Quba Mosque and Mount Uhud are the best places to visit and have a great spiritual influence on the people. There are many best restaurants in Madinah near Yanbu Beach, and make your memory for a lifetime while spending time in Madinah Munawwarah.

The Desert at Mada'in Saleh, The malls of Madinah, and The Archaeological Trail of Madinah are the most visited places in Madinah.

Why Should You Hire Minibus for Travel Umrah and Hajj?

We provide your needs with transportation services, such as the best coach hire for Umrah and Hajj. Get a Quick Quote from us in no time, whether it is an Umrah, Hajj, or Ziyarat Tour nearest Makkah or Madinah with your friends. We are the best Transportation in Saudi Arabia for Travel Umrah and Hajj.

Our Services

OMBH provides MinibusCoach, and Bus Hire Services for Travel Umrah and Hajj. You can hire our special CAR (maximum 3 people), INNOVA (maximum 4 people), GMC (maximum 5 people), HIACE (maximum for 6 to 10 people), COASTER (maximum 24 people), and BUS (maximum 49 people).


Popular Routes

  • Full-round Transportation ends in Jeddah with Ziyaarat 
  • Full-round Transportation ends in Madinah with Ziyaarat 
  • Full-round Transportation ends in Jeddah without Ziyaarat 
  • Full-round Transportation ends in Madinah without Ziyaarat 

Hajj and Umrah
Tourist Places

Things To DO in Hajj and Umrah

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  • Information

By the grace of Allah, HE has chosen you to perform Hajj or Umrah at the same time. Before going to Saudi Arabia, travelling, shopping, and finding a destination should be planned. OMBH will help you travel from the airport to the airport and help you throughout in performing Hajj or Umrah to attending religious places (shrines).

  • Hajj

During Hajj, inside Saudi Arabia is severely restricted, and the modes of Transportation available to you are limited. We will help you to travel between cities and throughout the five days of Hajj in Makkah. To utilize, you must provide the flight time. Our mentors will receive you there without delay and drop you at your destination.

You may also fly from Jeddah to Madinah, albeit this method of Transportation should only use if it has pre-arranged. This will be good for you to reach your destination without facing any problems.

  • Umrah

If you are undertaking Umrah, you will have your passport and will pick any acceptable time of Transportation if any agency has not already arranged it. We will stand with you to help you with Transportation. Our 8 seater minibus will be perfect for a family for performing Umrah and the most visited religious places.

  • Madinah to Makkah

Makkah and Madinah are about 450 kilometers apart (280 miles).

If you are completing Hajj, you will take  OMBH (which is used by most Hajj pilgrims) when you travel with your group. Our fleets are perfect for you at this time, and you can book on time or by booking.

Before travelling to Makkah, you should prepare for Ihram by taking a shower, trimming your nails, and wearing Ihram clothing at the hotel. However, only declare your desire to enter the state of Ihram once you have arrived at the Miqat at Dhul Hulayfah (also known as Abyar Ali).

The Miqat is located in Masjid al-Shajarah in Dhul Hulayfah, some 7 kilometres (4.5 miles) west of Madinah. You may reapply your Wudhu, offer two Rak'ahs of Salah al-Ihram, make your Niyyah (intention), and recite Talbiyah in the Masjid.

If you are not in Ihram garb at this point, put it on and enter the state of Ihram. Take just what is necessary inside the Masjid since there have been reports of pilgrims losing valuables when changing into Ihram attire in the Masjid. Please leave all of your belongings on the bus and have someone take care of them.

Before you go, use the restroom and washing facilities if necessary, and bring something to eat and drink since the trip might take more than 12 hours during the Hajj season.

  • Jeddah to Madinah

Jeddah and Madinah are about 443 kilometers apart (275 miles).

If you are completing Hajj, you will take OMBH (which is used by the majority of Hajj pilgrims) when you are travelling with your group. If you are undertaking Umrah outside of Hajj season, you may fly, coach hire to Umrah traveling.

  • Jeddah to Makkah

The distance between Jeddah and Makkah is about 72 kilometres (45 miles), and the trip should take around an hour. During the Hajj season, however, the travel will certainly be lengthier, and it may be a few hours before you get at your accommodation in Makkah.

You should already be in the state of Ihram at this time. If your initial aim was to travel to Madinah after landing, but you are compelled to proceed to Makkah first for a justifiable cause, instantly enter the condition of Ihram. You will not be penalized for crossing the Miqat without Ihram since the circumstances were beyond your control.

If you're conducting Hajj, you will utilize our minibus services with driver. You may use an if you are undertaking Umrah outside of Hajj season.

  • Where To Eat

Here are some top restaurants that consider best because of their tastes and services with reasonable prices.

  • The Oasis
  • Zamzam Lobby Lounge
  • Al Deyafa Restaurant
  • Al Shorfa
  • Feld D saji

  • Where to Shop

Here are some most crowded and cheap shopping malls. You can go and shop easily as you want. Every thing can get here comfortably.

  • Bin Dawood Shopping Complex
  • Abraj Al Bait Complex
  • Khalid Ibn Al Waleed Street
  • Shopping Malls in Makkah
  • Al Noor Mall

  • Specialties of Makkah and Madinah

Here are the most distinctive products which are purchased by the people during the time of Hajj and Umrah performing!

  • Date Palms
  • Roghan e Balsan Oil
  • Perfume 
  • Souvenirs
  • Prayer Beads
  • Prayer Rugs
  • Traditional Flip Flops

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